Will Smith, tonight at The Anthill: Here are his 10 best movies


Although this night is not nor much less the first time, the fact that a program such as The Anthill have a special guest to Will Smith may not be in a data trivial. And is that the american actor (Philadelphia, 1968) is one of the more tellers of his generation at the global level. Today will introduce you to Pablo Motos Bad boys for life, the third installment of the saga Two cops rebels, starring alongside Martin Lawrence. Smith takes more than 25 years making movies. Some of the highlights of his career are the following:

Independence Day (1996)

After becoming a member of the families of half the world for his role in the series The Prince of Bel Air, Will Smith had his first major role in Independence Daythat alien threat that put in trouble to the Land and that came out of the head of Roland Emmerich.

Men in Black (1997)

Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones are the men in black, a couple that “it protects the Earth from the scum of the Universe”. It was the first big pitch of the race of the actor of Philadelphia, that in addition, it would have continued in 2002 and in 2012 with the second and the third installment of the saga.

Wild Wild West (1999)

Distribution of luxury with Kenneth Branagh, Salma Hayek, Kevin Kline and the own Will Smith for a western comic science fiction and action directed by Barry Sonnenfeld, based on the series of the same title that was issued in the united States between 1965 and 1969.

Ali (2001)

For many, the great role of the whole race, Will Smith is the one who had to get into the skin of Muhammad Ali, the best boxer of the history. The fact that the movie was directed by the great Michael Mann it was also a guarantee of product high quality. For their participation in Ali, Smith was nominated for the Oscar for the best performance.

I, robot (2004)

Back in the realms of science fiction, Will Smith gave it life in 2004 to detective Del Spoonerresponsible for handling the automaton that has come out of the plan of good conduct that have taken their congeners in an action that leads to the year 2035.

I am legend (2007)

A scientific military called Robert Neville, played by Will Smith, is the only man alive after the inevitable expansion of a terrifying virus. I am legend it was the film adaptation of one of the emblematic works of science fiction written by Richard Matheson.

Hancock (2008)

Will Smith came in with Hancock in the world of superheroesbut that he incarnated was nothing normal: saved multiple lives, but his desire for drinking alcohol and uttering all sorts of expletives no we did enjoy good fame among the people of Los Angeles.

Focus (2015)

Just after shining in the brutal The wolf of Wall Street, Margot Robbie she was chosen to be the companion of Will Smith in Focusa more than remarkable film starring a couple of scam artists.

Suicide squad (2016)

Smith and Robbie repeated in the main roles of this box-office hit american production based on the comics of the team anti-heroes most popular of DC Comics.

Aladdin (2019)

The only film of the film career of Will Smith who has overcome the a billion dollars of revenue it is Aladdinthe modern musical adaptation in the real action of the Disney classicin the Smith borda the role of genie of the lamp.