Yuliett Torres goes to sleep with a tight set as to dream with her!


Mexico city.- The beautiful model from jalisco Yuliett Towers he surprised his fans with a photography that left them thinking before going to sleep, and with which no doubt also accelerated the pulse, as it is shown with clothes very adjusted that highlighted his figure.

In its latest publication of Instagramthe model fitness questioned if the position at which the snapshot was taken making it seem less rear, which has been portrayed on previous occasions, which is the object of desire of many men and even women.

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Good and now if it is the last for today! but I wanted to share because I see it as if it has nothing of pomp whether or not? Bone what fart..!”.

The followers of the model did not hesitate to commend her for her statuesque figure, and noted that in that position or in any beautiful looks.

What a beautiful that is”.

I would like to have more than simple words on a social network to give an offering to such a Goddess!!!”.