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Cooke Maroney, 33 years old, is the new partner of the actress Jennifer Lawrence, 28. Some of the pictures obtained in the last few days confirm a relationship of which they had been talking about since last summer. But the actress is a woman discreet that does not hide, but avoids displaying his private life. Her current boyfriend is also not an unknown, especially in the art world, where he heads a prestigious gallery in the exclusive Upper East Side of Manhattan and in Brussels by the parading of important investors and celebrities. It was founded in the 90s by an art dealer and film producer Barbara Gladstone. Carroll Dunham -the father of actress Lena Dunham-, Anish Kappor, Ugo Rondinone or Mathew Barney -ex of the singer Björk are some of the artists represented by the gallery of the new boyfriend of the actress.

But the origins of Maroney are very different. He was born in Vermont and went to high school in Middlebury, according to his page of Facebook. His parents are owners of the farm, Oliver Hill, located in Leicester, who in 1990 became the third dairy farm to organic in the state. But the choice of his studies he opted for the University of New York, where he graduated in history of art. According to Facebook, he graduated in 2007.

“In the world of art, the way in which information is shared is rapidly changing,” said Maroney during an interview of 2015 with Artsy. “A growing group of collectors Internet savvy are looking for online art galleries eager to provide it,” he added about the vision of the world in which it moves.

Jennifer Lawrence and Cooke Maroney this week in Los Angeles.

Jennifer Lawrence and Cooke Maroney this week in Los Angeles. GTRESONLINE

Experts in the sector say of him: “he Understands what is good art, unlike most art dealers who would like to go to parties and do business. Has a great taste and is a very good seller. Jennifer Lawrence met her through Laura Simpson, the best friend of the actress. In August, the two went on vacation to Europe and were seen strolling through Paris.

The actress came out of a relationship with film director Darren Aronofsky with whom he worked on the film Mother!. Prior to that he was partner of Chris Martin and actor Nicholas Hoult

Jennifer Lawrence is one of the faces most well-known of Hollywood. After his participation in the saga of The hunger gamestheir successes in the box office are the norm, and the international awards they begin to count by tens. However, the charismatic actress has decided to take this year to focus on his activism, particularly in the organization Represent Usthe struggle against political corruption, and focuses especially on raising the awareness of young americans.

“My fight attempts to limit the influence of money in politics, help young people to understand the system and find a way to cure our government from the inside,” says the Oscar winner the magazine Madame Figaro in its latest edition. “Corruption is a disease that is spreading. At this point, our president is not the problem, but the ways of doing of our government. Our democracy is in danger”, he continues.

“Support to the actors and directors who say: ‘I Just want to make movies and I don’t want to be stigmatized by my political opinions,’ but that does not correspond to my way of being,” says the actress. “In a moment, I thought I could keep quiet and not share my fears and beliefs as a citizen, but the more I learned, the more I tried to understand and analyze what was happening in politics, the less I was able to maintain calm,” he maintains.