A witness makes sure that Angelina Jolie already has a girlfriend


On 1 December, the australian magazine Woman’s Day surprised its readers with an exclusive interview with a person close to Angelina Jolie. This gave unexpected details about his new girlfriend and about the passionate love they feel for one another. In addition, this witness, whose identity remains anonymous, revealed that Jolie is fascinated with the actress Evan Rachel Wood, and they are even planning a trip together.

According to the interviewee, the actresses met in 2009 during the Screen Actors Guild Awards. The spark that arose between them was instant, unfortunately, both were in relationships with other people. KNOW OF OTHER ACTRESSES, LESBIANS AND BISEXUALS WHO ALL THOUGHT THEY WERE STRAIGHT.

Ange always thought that Evan was incredibly attractive and he said that he had felt a spark after you spoke with her in the backstagebut the two were a couple at that time. Had a chemical electrical and Brad even joked about feeling pushed aside when Ange told her how he had felt with Evan then you get to know it”.

The ‘witness’ said that, although nothing happened after that first meeting, the connection was reborn when the actresses found in the offices of Disney. This happened on a day that Jolie and Wood were recording the voices for Maleficent: Mistress of Evil and Frozen 2 respectively.

Evan Rachel Wood, Mickey Rourke, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt at the Screen Actors Guild Awards 2009 / Photo: Getty Images

What says the alleged witness regarding the current relationship of these stars?

According to the source of Woman’s Dayboth ‘Ange’ as Evan feel incredibly happy to be together.

“Evan recognizes that the romance happened organically and that grew from their friendship. Not to talk about how Ange is one of the most passionate and inspiring that has ever known“.

The ‘friend’ Jolie continued on talking about the tired that the women with the men in her life and that is this feeling that has connected them even more. In addition, he said that Angelina was already preparing a trip with all their children which Wood will also attend.

Angelina Jolie with five of his six sons during the premiere of Maleficent 2 / Photo: Hollywood Life

What say the actresses on this?

To see this news, the middle Gossip Cop was given the task of investigating how true was the information Woman’s Day. And, unfortunately, everything seems to indicate that both the witness and close friend of ‘Ange’, as your relationship with Evan Rachel Wood, are pure fantasy. In fact, Wood found out that she was in a romance with Jolie thanks to the note of Gossip Cop. When the star saw it on Twitter, replied with the following:

How my music came to the Billboard charts, and I’m going out with Angelina Jolie? But what a day“.

Subsequently, the actress was dedicated to giving like and to reply to the comments that supported this engagement.

On the other hand, US Weekly reported that a close friend Jolie had told them that the actress has no desire to enter into new romantic relationships. This anonymous source said that Angelina “is not closed to meeting someone new, but it is not its main objective. She is focused on their children, their work and fix their disastrous divorce.”

Also, US Weekly said another anonymous source had informed him that Jolie has been in some appointments, but that is not ready to enter into something serious, and much less marry again. KNOWN TO THE FAMILIES OF LGBT+ MOST TENDER AND POPULAR IN THE WORLD.

Such seems to be that Woman’s Day only played with the heart of the fans. This is something that already been done in previous cases, such as when the magazine claimed that Johnny Depp was hiding an affair with Michelle Pfeiffer. However, we cannot deny that what I’ve said by this false witness left many people dreaming of who could be the perfect match for the gorgeous and successful Jolie.

Who do you imagine that would be a good girlfriend to Angelina Jolie? Or do you think that the artist will never again have a relationship so public?

With information US Weekly, Gossip Cop, IB Times and Woman’s Day