Agustín Sierra, actor Chiquititas, confessed that came out with Lali Espósito, and the China Suarez at the time


In a Live, Sierra recalled their antics of chico Credit: Instagram

Lali Espósito and China Suárez shared boyfriend

. Yes, as well as sounds. Before working in

Almost Angels

where each one came out with a companion strip, Peter Lanzani and Tacho Riera, respectively, there was a gentleman with which, unknowingly, agreed.

According to revealed,

Agustín Sierra, the protagonist of this story, between

Corner light

(2003) and


(2004) was of the groom with the two.

Sierra is another guy from the factory Cris Brown: it was part of several of the programmes of the producer emblem of the world youth, where he shared screen so much with China as with Lali. Among them,

Chiquititas, Rebelde Way

and even

Almost Angels.

After a fan asked him why not he “had given a ball to any of the two actresses, Sierra decided to open the confessional. ”

Obvious I gave him the ball to the two. In fact, he was little, I did pranks and I rotted the ranch

. As a kid I was a naughty boy, as big. Were things happening and with Lali I had my issues, but I also became a very close friend of the family, the brother and after we grew up and each one chose differently. With Euge also the same, at the time we were together so to speak. But we were kids and large each one had their partner”, revealed in a live Instagram of the magazine Soon.

Agustín Sierra, actor Chiquititas, confessed that came out with Lali Espósito and China Suárez at the same time – Source: Journal Soon


And he added: “I Remember that I once went to Susana Gimenez, told who were in love of chiquita or who had had their first kiss. I had gone to play football and when I came back he had a thousand and millions of messages. Today takes on another magnitude, but at the time we were children, we were lovers, but we were boys.”

Not satisfied with these two conquests, there was a third: Cande Vetrano, also ex casi Angeles, but with it the story lasted two years. “After I fell in love with Cande Vetrano, who was the best friend of Lali and I spent almost two years with her. And Lali fell in love with Peter, who is a close friend of mine. And Euge was with Nico, and after each one was growing and it was very difficult at all,” added.