Alexa Dellanos presumed the chest with a daring corset for Instagram


The beautiful model, Alexa Dellanos, knows how his clothes look, and this time he wanted to prove it using only a corset and a short with the left its beauties to the air, and consented to millions of people on Instagram and the internet.

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The beautiful daughter of Mirka Dellanos, is an expert in show off your voluptuous curves in tiny sets of clothing that you are happy to their millions of fans.

The photograph is part of a photo shoot that had to be done from his home, where he proves that is missing very much the ability to get out of the house, however, has had to manage to produce content within your home.

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Your publication is very cute and flirty, brought together more than 32 thousand “likes”. In the picture we see Dellanos luciendose for your patio, as it is the more you can do to entertain themselves and not leave their fans without new photos.

Currently, Alexa has talked about how it is that happens in these difficult times of imprisonment and has revealed that she loves to read and spend a few moments on your balcony where the view towards the sea helps to not feel so bad being one of the times of day that you enjoy more.

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He has also shared his concern for his mother, Mirka Dellanos, since she continues to be active by responding to your responsibility as a communicator of informar.De made their fans compared pictures of both and it is difficult for them to believe that they are mother and daughter, since it seems a couple of beautiful sisters pasandola well.

The young man has taken the opportunity to do a lot of exercise and perhaps has given you some pitched in with the scalpel because you can notice the great attributes that you have obtained over time. In fact continuing their exercise routines, because you can’t lose this rhythm has led her to have an enviable figure and super desired.

Alexa Dellanos enjoy consent to his 2 million followers, who are very pleased with its beauty while missing their publications normal, since been stopped and has only uploaded stories.