American public prefer Halle Berry as Catwoman than Michelle Pfeiffer


Most of the people prefer Christian Bale and Michael Keaton that the other Batmans on the big screen is not unlikely; that Heath Ledger and Jack Nicholson exceed in popularity for a lot of Jared Leto in their roles as the Joker nor is it unlikely; but what do you prefer Halle Berry as Catwoman (Catwoman) that Michelle Pfeiffer?

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A recent survey carried out by The Hollywood Reporter revealed that, in the case of Batman, Bale is the favourite, followed by Keaton; and that Ledger is the Joker favorite followed Nicholson; but it also revealed that the worst version of Catwoman in the film is the favorite of the american public. Halle Berrywinner of the Oscar and very recognized at the beginning of the new century, was chosen to star in Catwoman – 9%, tape that until our days is remembered as one of the worst examples of the cinema of superheroes/anti-heroes.

What is surprising is that Michelle Pfeiffer is below Berry by 1% and Anne Hathaway various points below; Pfeiffer was one of the appear as villains main Batman Returns – 81%, while Hathaway was in The dark Knight Rises – 87%. Here are the results of the survey:

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It is somewhat surprising that Berry has been chosen above the other two actresses because their version is very far from being faithful to the original in many ways, his performance was ripped apart by critics and the film itself was considered a snafu exemplary.

According to rumors widely disseminated Catwoman will be one of the villains main The Batman , the movie directed by Matt Reeves and starring Robert Pattinson, but so far there is no data about who may give life to the villain/anti-hero. According to the site Geeks Worldwide, is looking for a woman between 20 and 30 years of any ethnicity, so that could be a brunette again who would of life.

In the past the mexican Eiza Gonzalez has been proposed by fans to get into the skin of Catwoman, more recently Vanessa Hudgens, and just few days ago Aubrey Plaza said she is interested in the character.

On the other hand are the results very obvious on the preference of the american public in regards to the Joker/quietly ironic, the villain more popular than Batman. In the first place is Heath Ledger and in the second Jack Nicholson; far below these two is Jared Letowho was not to the liking of the majority when he appeared in Suicide Squad.

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Before finishing it is worth asking if behind the results on Catwoman not there are political motives, what might have been altered the results so that you do not; it seems that racism is discriminated against Halle Berry? We’ll never know, but what we do know is that there is only one Catwoman, which continues to shine with the passage of time: Michelle Pfeiffer.

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