Anitta you have a new follower: Mariah Carey

The brazilian singer Anitta is fully happy, and, on this occasion the reason for his excitement has nothing to do with a new simple, nor figures of reproductions, or awards. The reason of their joy is a new follower in your account of Instagram, something that a priori would not draw attention in a profile that it has 40 million fansbut the thing changes when under this new follower hides Mariah Carey. The brazilian has openly shown his happiness and his surprise with an emotive message in which he shares with all his fans the meaning of this diva of pop in her music career, leaving as his main source of inspiration. If this outside little, the interpreter of Hero he has not hesitated to respond grateful. Will this be the beginning of a friendship between two great stars of the music?


Anitta is known to be as it is, very transparent and without forgetting its humble origins. Something that has been seen in one of his last publications in which it displays a photo of your disc collection and a DVD of Mariah Carey, accompanied by a text revealing straight out of the heart of the brazilian to be aware that the great diva of pop is now one of her followers on the social network. “My family has awakened in me today telling me that Mariah Carey I still. For those who don’t know, my mother and my two aunts were obsessed with it. When I was born, I crossed and I became a fan much larger. That’s why I started to say since I was little I wanted to be a singer. My uncle gave us all Christmas a new CD of Mariah Carey and celebrated by shouting (at that time we didn’t have money to buy them)”.

(…)”When you came to Brazil, we had no money to go see it. I remember that I heard your concert on the radio crying because I was not there”(…)”I Grew up with her in my heart every day as inspiration from very, very far away and now she knows who the hell I am. That is crazy”, of this form so spontaneous, Anitta has expressed deep admiration and respect he feels for his idol, a source of inspiration for embarking on his journey in music.


The face of this declaration of happiness, Mariah Carey has not hesitated to respond full of appreciation for the public display of affection your partner’s profession: “Anitta, you don’t even know what to say! Thank you for appreciating my music. itI’m so proud of you for you have made your dreams a reality! I hope to meet you soon, maybe soon in Brazil, one of my favorite places in the world! Love to you and to your family.”

It is true that, beyond their social profiles, to Anitta no lack of reasons to celebrate. The singer wears a summer full of work on their backs, with examples such as the recent launch of Muito Heat along with Ozuna, your presence in the closing ceremony of the Copa America, where he acted alongside Peter Hood, or in the festival Tomorrowland and, in our country, the Arenal Sound. Successes are added to the obtained with his latest album, Kisses, an ambitious project that presented a few months ago, and that has songs with artists from the likes of Snoop Dog, Prince Royce or Becky G. Will by getting a new hit next to Mariah Carey?

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