Anuel AA: “Karol G taught me that not every human being is bad”


It will be on another date, but the wedding goes.

The interpreter urban Anuel AA revealed that, although the crisis of health for the pandemic coronavirus has postponed plans to marry the colombian singer Karol G, the illusion by making the binding remains firm. The couple announced their engagement last year, and some months ago his fiancée announced that they would perform this year in an intimate ceremony.

“I have delayed right now with all of this coronavirus,” said the ragman to the First Time through a video call from Miami, Florida. “Beginning of the year we had already decided to get married this year. See now with all this of the crown(virus) till when it lasts,” he said with resignation. “To see if God wants and we ended up getting married this year. We still don’t have the date for this delay, but now we know”.

As the reality of many couples, the imposed isolation has led them to pause in their respective work agendas, and to share more at home.

“It has been super nice, superbién. One is still learning more and more each day,” he said. “We continue falling in love more. Thanks to God, in that sense, we can have more time together, because with so much work we are sometimes two, three days together, and she had to travel to a country I to another country. We were on tour and we were always in between work, taking time when they could be, and we never had as much time together. But we are already who we want to follow the work again because it is what we like, what we love is what we do and we are crazy because we arrange all this from the crown and move forward”.

The compliments to your lady friend is not missing.

“I had never met a person as Karol G,” he revealed. “The way he treats me. The way how you see the world”, he highlighted.

“I come from a place dark. I see everything always side with evil to protect myself and take care of other people, and Karol G taught me that not every human being is bad”, stated with pride. “She helped me to be a better human being. Has helped Me to see life from another point of view. I have always valued my family and she has taught me to appreciate it even more”.