Anuel AA launches message to his “enemies” assuming again their luxury cars


Anuel AA him back to do it again, and addressed a new message to his “enemies”, nothing more and nothing less than showing off the other while their luxury cars.

Anuel AA is quite a character. From his extravagant way of being, until his statements that not all like it, definitely this young puerto rican has managed to climb positions.

In a few years, Anuel AA it went from being virtually an unknown in the music, one of the singers most influential in the genre of urban Latin american.

Boyfriend of the colombian singer of reggaeton Karol G, Anuel AA do not lose opportunity to raise controversy.

From talking with a figure of metal-on-itself that is used as a garnish on any of your expensive gold necklaces, or display cash or jewelry, Anuel AA it has been known for his eccentricities.

We’ve also seen practicing exercises to lose weight and tone your body using his collection of luxury cars sports.

In this opportunity, we see it again by sending a message to those who he considers his “enemies”, lying in two mega sports cars, one red and the other yellow, as part of the launch campaign of their new album, entitled “Enmanuel“the real name of the artist.