Anuel AA, Resident, Demi Lovato and other famous denounce the acts of violence by the police


One of the worst defects of our society coming to the fore; for if you fail to do more, in the midst of a year quite tragic, full of events without precedent.

No one would have foreseen the catastrophic year that has had the humanity. The fact happened in Minneapolis (EE.UU) has been so shocking to the american society that this city known for being bisected by the Mississippi river, can now be remembered for a fact that is as aberrant as the murder of George Floyd, on the 25th day of may, 2020.

The world has succumbed in front of an invisible enemy that could be a shadow of what it itself represents. The current virus may be considered by some as a revenge of nature against the human, but why?

Not least, the health crisis is something that can be measured statistically for scientific purposes, but how can you measure racism?. An assertion of that caliber is possible thanks to witnesses who were able to capture the arrest at a restaurant of a black man, that is suffocated for 7 minutes while lying on the floor by the officer of fair complexionDerek Chauvin.

The sad event has left your daughter Gianna without a father and, in principle, peaceful demonstrations and other violent raised hours after the event uploaded to social networks and viralizado quickly. The recording is observed by a man of 46 years asking for help “please, I can not breathe, I will kill you!” with clear samples of breath in his face.

In the last few hours have been pronounced movements for african americans and figures of hip hop as 50 Cent, Resident or other as Demi Lovato and Anuel AA. Luis Fonsi, posted a tweet, “I can’t get this image out of my head! I cannot keep quiet either.” published.

Demi Lovato he said in his twitter account “I wish that african-americans can live in peace”, while A resident called to do justice “I urge all the Latin american community in the united States, please move until the police murderer is in prison!!!!”, cried the author of “Latin america”.

The known and not of the man of complexion black have made a tribute in front of the site where with a patrol, 3 officers were complicit in Chauvin. The mayor of the city, Jacob Frey, says, “this technique is not permitted”.

Frey is satisfied by the dismissal of the four officers who are the focus of public opinion in a year as complex and that they are now under FBI investigation. Protests continue in a city and a society that is coated by a story so full and sensitive to racial issues and xenophobia.