Ariana Grande and Mikey Foster end up Here the reasons!


¡Ariana Grande tells ‘thank u, next,’ Mikey Foster! The interpreter ‘God is a woman’ put an end to its relationship with the member of Social House after more than nine months of romance, as was announced by a source close to the now ex-partner for the site Hollywood Life.

According to a close friend of Large and Foster and the couple never had something serious, they just were having a good time, “Ariana and Mikey were something simple, fun, but it was not meant to be something serious,” continued the source, “To Ariana really liked Mikey but it was not turn crazy for him. They were simply enjoying their chemistry while they watched if he could be something more, however, it was not so, but both are good in this regard. They had fun and are still friends, there is nothing of drama or broken hearts” he said the source for the average american.

The infidelity of Ariana Grande to Mikey Foster

Although the source states that the relationship between Ariana and Mikey was not anything serious, this it ended up a time that leaked images of the ex-star of Nickelodeon where it appeared quite affectionate with a mystery man, which up to the present day, his identity is still not revealed, but it was precisely these actions that made Foster will give the turn the page to his ‘romance’ with Large.

Mikey realized that everything between them had ended when they left the photos of Ariana kissing with the man. I knew that things between she and who was that boy meant something, because Njomza was among the group of friends that attended,” continued the source, “To the eyes of Mikey, that meant that Ariana was comfortable enough with him to let him be near his friends. Mikey no hard feelings, will always act for Ariana, no matter what. (…) There are No hard feelings about their break up, they are all vibes positive” noted the source for Hollywood Life.

There is No doubt that, although to them it could have been something simple, the split between these two personalities made a great impression on the followers of Large, andespecially because it remains to be disclosed the identity of the new romance of the singer.