Ariana Grande breaks her fleeting relationship with Mikey Foster


Once more the artist from Florida is single. His last relationship with the component of the Social group in House, Mikey Foster, ended unexpectedly in the past month of February.

The duo already knew from years ago, but it was not until the recording of the video clip of ‘Boyfriend’ when both artists took the step and started their relationship, because of the chemistry that emerged among them in the video.

Since then, it had been able to see the couple most in love with walking down the street dice in the hand, and even on a romantic trip to Disneyland Paris, beginning to make official their relation through the social networks.

However, the love for Ariana and Mikey exactly eight monthsbecause the relationship ended in February, according to confirmed the magazine ‘US Maganize’, although none of the two has made public statements about the rupture. Still do not know the reasons why they have decided to end the courtship, but the former couple has already begun a new path separately.

When even the singer has not recovered from the controversy, the criticisms received by her ex-Pete Davidson that dealt with private matters of their relationship, Ariana already has left us a new piece of news about your love with another person that you add to your list of ex.

Although you never know if in the future the couple will return to the relationship by the peculiar custom which has recently taken the u.s. to get back with their ex-partners, what is certain is that Mikey Foster has not congeniado at all with the artist and has not lasted too long in your busy life. ‘Thank U’, ‘ next’, Mikey.