Ariana Grande has nearly 1 dozen of pets; Here are their names and types

Large has an immense love for animals and once said he prefers
To the people. The rain
On Me “singer is fond of rescue dogs and over the years has adopted more
10 of them, providing each one a home for always.

It can be difficult to keep up because at times, she has returned home
them with your family or friends, but she is said to visit those who do not
I no longer live with her. However, dogs are not the only pets that Big snuggles
when at home Here is a look at who is part of their current family of animals.

Singer Ariana Grande on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” | Andrew Lipovsky / NBC / NBCU Photo Bank


Sweet Coco is a music video
slut and she is usual in the feed of Instagram Big. According To Modern
Dog Magazine, she is a mix of German shepherd / dachshund. She was the first to
The husbandry adopted in Large.


Toulouse joined the team of pets of Big in 2013. Mix Chihuahua / beagle is a star on the cover of Vogue and she accompanied the princess of pop for his first appearance in the american version of the magazine in 2019.

He was the second dog that has adopted and is often seen in his music videos. Toulouse once scored a gig with the coach also. Those are some major achievements!


The cute yorkshire
terrier was welcome to the life of Big in 2015. She was adopted from an Oklahoma
rescue group while on tour.


Snape was adopted along with Lily in July of 2019, and the couple
he made his debut in the history of Big Instagram at the same time with a chorus of “¡Awww!”


Like its counterpart in Harry Potter, Snape, Lily was
only a puppy when he was received into the family last summer.

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Pets: here are the names more fun that the stars chose for their animals


Chihuahua Pignoli is one of the puppies smaller size, and it
it was a special gift given to him by his mother on the National holiday of the Puppy. He has been
the gang from 2017.


Myron is the puppy which Grande shared with her ex-boyfriend Mac Miller.
The mixture of pit bull moved in with her at some point in 2017 and after Great and Miller
split, she kept the Myron. After the death of Miller, Grande did a tattoo of “Myron”. He is
only a few years


Lady Pit Bull Cinnamon is one of the dogs the more relaxed of Large and appears in the records of photos on Instagram of the singer all the time. Cinnamon has been a part of the family pet Big from 2014.


Like something taken directly from your film dogs favorite, Lafayette is a hound that is often seen at Large embraced in the pictures of the social networks. She has since 2016.

Piggy Smallz

Last, but not least important, is your other baby skin four-legged, Piggy Smallz. Yes, he is a pig. Piggy is often seen in selfies and videos with a Great and it was a gift from her ex, Pete Davidson.

Honorable dog mentioned: Ophelia and Sirius

Labradoodle Ophelia has been a part of the package from 2013, but the mother of Great, Joan, is his new mom’s dog. She took Sirius in 2015 and had the opportunity to participate in his tour of honeymoon, but he also lives with Joan now.

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