As it was, as the youngest son of Jenni Rivera confes to be gay and a present to her boyfriend


United States.- Johnny Lpezthe youngest son of Jenni Rivera, I confes to all the members of your family that have a relationship, homosexual, same that presumi in their social networks.

It was Chiquis Rivera who along with his brother spoke in a video in which the young man decided to confess his sexual preferences after the attacks that received it, your mother and your ta Rossy.

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At the time, Johnny said that a relationship with a guy that almost took two years, but were separated by a year and a half, during which time it also came to women.

Johnny confes that it was not easy being in that position because society many times tried but the share your life with someone who want.

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In August 2019, during the fourth season of The Rivera, finished his relationship with his boyfriend but stating that you no longer want to be gay by his last love experience.

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