Becky g and Chiquis Rivera released in Spanish and cumbia classic “Jolene”


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Miami (USA), 28 may (EFE).- The singers americans Becky G and Chiquis Rivera released this Friday, the version in Spanish and cumbia mexicana “Jolene”, the classic country music immortalized by Dolly Parton, described in an interview with Efe as an “icon and example” for the two stars of the ancestors of mexicans.

“Dolly is an icon in the music and for the women. An example to follow and it is an honor to sing this song in Spanish,” said Chiquis, who was the one who had the idea of making a version in Spanish and send it to the team Parton to what he anticipated would be a struggle to get the authorization and rights.

“I was fascinated by the idea because it brings together our two worlds. When people ask me where I’m from I always say that I am mexican. I never say that my grandparents are mexican and I am american. However, the music ‘country always heard in my house, with the mexican, and our ‘Jolene’, this is it. It has the essence of a Dolly with a little bit of itching our”, voiced Becky G.

The song written by Parton, accounted for its consolidation in 1973 as one of the major figures of country music. Since then, it has been interpreted by figures such as Olivia Newton-John, John Legend, Norah Jones, Keith Urban, Melissa Etheridge, The White Stripes, Miley Cyrus, among many others. However, the version of the two artists latino is the first in English.

The stories of Rebecca Gomez and Janey Marin Rivera, real names of the artists, are in many points. From his grandparents, mexican immigrants, their american fathers, his love for the Latin culture, their childhoods in the californian city of Los Angeles to your decision of getting into the music from the Spanish.

Although they are from different generations, Becky G. is 23 years old and Chiquis 34, is called “best friends”. While previously they had already sung together in a tribute to the mother of Rivera, it is the first time I met the dream to have a “song for two”.

“We were waiting for the adequate and although I never thought that would come from the country it worked perfectly,” said Chiquis, who is the eldest daughter of the late Jenni Rivera.

“Jolene” is included in “PLAYLIST”, the third album from Chiquis, who chose the name of the disk because it is anchored to the diversity of the topics and the genres it touches. In addition to the cumbia, also includes band, northern and northern band.

The theme will be launched from the hand of a fun video in which the artists appear as warriors in a cartoon that takes place in the southwestern united States. While that Chiquis is a “rider bandida”, Becky G. is a “girl piromaníaca of bad character”.


The artists, who remain confined in their homes, have been exploited to develop different initiatives to help the victims of the pandemic, as much by disease as by economic vulnerability. Also to provide support to personnel essential to health, civic and food.

While Chiquis has maintained its philanthropic activities private, the artist has helped in person and through foundations.

For her part, Becky G. revealed that she will sing “for the first time in vivo in a ‘live’ during the transmission of the Global Gift Foundation”, an event on the internet of 24 hours duration that also will be part Dua Lipa, Nicky Jam, Sky, Jewel, CeeLo Green, Ricky Martin, Luis Fonsi and many more.

But in addition to its initiatives, both agreed that they felt surprised to realize how much that costs them the solitude. The two grew up in large families and be isolated to them “has stuck very hard.”

“I have to learn to enjoy being alone, because I have had moments of great sadness, and I know that you can also have a lot of good things. I am working on that,” admitted Becky G.


The two are also very active in social networks and represent many different brands. The work has not ceased in that field. Also in the music.

Chiquis, who co-wrote five songs on his new album “PLAYLIST”, is focused on giving the final touches. In fact, had already begun the pandemic when it launched “The destrampadas”. In addition, it prepares the launch of the subject of the most romantic of the album titled “it Is fashionable to not want”, a collaboration with the band Los Sebastianes, written by Eden Muñoz de Calibre 50.

In addition, Becky G., who acknowledged that he misses a lot of the interaction in person with your audience and travel, declined to give details on their future musical projects, perhaps because it has three songs recently premiered.

In April he released “They Ain’t Ready” and “Girl”; this last a collaboration with the cuban group Gente de Zona. EFE


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