Bella Thorne: “Abused me sexually and psychologically since I can remember,” | People and Celebrity


The cases of Harvey Weinstein and Kevin Spacey seem to be only the tip of a huge iceberg and that every day shows new edges and the enormity of its size. The courage of the women, and some men, who have been subjected to sexual abuse, and to dare to denounce them publicly, you are encouraging many other public figures to tell their case for support to those who are suffering and encourage them not to undergo and report.

The actress and singer Bella Thorne, 21 years of age, out of the factory Disney, has been the last to tell publicly that she was a victim of sexual abuse since he has the ability to remember up to 14 years of age. To relate to his traumatic personal experience, Thorne has used his personal account of Instagram where it has 16.9 million followers. The actress makes it clear that Disney has nothing to do in your case and launches an emotional release: “Abused me sexually, and psychologically from that I remember until I was 14… when I finally had the courage to close my door at night and sit down to wait. The whole damn night. Waiting for someone to take advantage of me again. Time and time again I waited to stop it and I finally did. Again and again I waited for him to stop and finally did. But some of us are not so lucky to get out alive. Please, resist for every soul that is abused.”.

A comment that is hung up just before the Hollywood stars show their support for the campaign Times Up with the gesture of wearing black dresses to pose on the red carpet of the Golden Globes 2018 last Sunday.

Bella Thorne has also used his Twitter account to tell this rough period of his life: “I never knew what was right or wrong when I grew up…”, says Thorno in this social network. “I didn’t know that the person that walked stealthily in my room for the night I was a bad person”. An act of courage that has one goal: to serve as an example to the victims of abuse and tell them that they are not alone and must react. This was the message of his second tweet on this subject that he was accompanied by a video in which the actress with face tearful raised fingers as a sign of victory: “Stay strong.”

Thorne appeared for the first time in a magazine at six weeks of age, starred in ad campaigns for children’s fashion for years, and since 2003, when he was only six years old, he began to appear in various movie projects and television. From 2010 to 2013 he was co-star of the comedy Shake It Up, for Disney Channel; and debuted as a singer, in 2011, alongside Zendaya.

The interpreter lost his father in a car accident in 2007 and in August of 2016 confessed bisexual.