Britney Spears just released a song that is sure to not have heard of


Pop music is having a very good day. Though Chromatic of Lady Gaga you can be the launch of the day, another legend of the top 40 had its own drop: Britney Spears.

Britney released his album of 2016 Glory on Friday with a new cover (just a piece of gold, chains, wilderness, what is essential) and a single that most of us have not heard: “Mood Ring (By Demand)” previously was only available in Japan.

“Reutilicé this since we don’t use it … You wanted a new album cover … ta da there,” Spears subtituló your announcementor. “I hope you put that #MoodRing very strong”

Although “Mood Ring” is new to us, there is not much evidence that Spears are actually working on new music. On the contrary, in march, the son of 13 years of Spears, Jayden Federline, said his mother was considering giving up music completely. In an Instagram Live, the teen told the fans that he had not “seen you do a lot of music”, and added: “I remember once I asked her: ‘Mom, what happened with your music? And she dijo’I don’t know, honey, I think you could leave it on. And I said: ‘What? What are you saying? Do you know how much money you make with those things?’

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