Cardi B ensures that your life is in danger after show your support for Bernie Sanders.


Cardi B ask for help for the events that revolve around his life. Photograph: Clasos

Cardi B revealed during a live link in your account of Instagram, then last Tuesday he / she has a talk with Bernie Sanders, which strongly criticized Donald Trump, now fears for his life and that of your family.

The singer said that at the root of that virtual meeting with Bernie have started to happen strange things, and before the fear that this will cause, decided to tell his followers.

“Since I am doing these videos on live… when has this happen?… since I do these videos live For how long has been this happening?… ever. Now all of a sudden my transmission is without sound, I don’t know, I’m freaking out, is giving me a little afraid because my husband does not like it when I start to talk about politics, he really hates him because that puts him paranoid, because lately my Instagram is getting blurry and without sound, so nothing, I swear on my daughter,,, in the name of Christ I am not lying to you, in the name of the Lord and for my daughter that I lie not, that seems to me extremely rare, I swear,” he said.

It is expected that Cardi B disclose more information the next few days.

Subsequently, Cardi launched a warning: “God forbid, if something happened to me or someone in my family is going to find out who he was and why… this wed** it smells very weird, very strange. Which is weird that after that I went out live with He my transmission runs out of sound”.

The video has caused great controversy in the network, because while some support the fears of the artist, others do not give credit to his statements, and remembering his past, do not think it possible that something in your against can happen.

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