Celia Lora stood in her underwear showing her rear and legs for Instagram


Celia Lora is already considered one of the most beautiful women of Mexico and this time he wanted to delight his faithful followers, who number in the millions on the social network Instagram, with a photograph in which she sits with very little clothing from the stairs of his house.

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This time the beautiful model he wanted to impress his fans by putting in the foreground its great rear and stylized legs.

The photograph is the last in its official account of Instagram and meeting already almost 150 thousand likes in just a few hours. Their fans are so eager to tell but have not been able to, because your comment box will be closed until further notice.

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The young man has to pull out new content often, because your fans need to see new pictures of her to follow the slope of their social networks, apart with this we help to promote your page exclusive content.

Dale click here to see the racy picture of Celia

In these moments the famous can only remember their trips, since, thanks to the quarantine located in your home taking care of and miss him so much the power going out, being one of their favorite activities to give back to the world and taking photographs in exotic places and elegant.

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Recall that in 2019 we could see traveling to Chernobyl, to different beaches in mexico, such as Cancun among many others. Puerto Escondido was where he took the opportunity to take this bold photo, also used his visit to try the food of different restaurants and enjoy life.

Celia Lora has promoted some of the videos in which appears totally without clothes and next to another actress adult content for what they have not hesitated even a second to subscribe to their exclusive content, where they discovered that there are photographs even more hot than that published in their social networks.

The model just gave us great news, as we are, one week before the premiere of the new season of Acapulco Shore, which will be premiered this June 2 at 10 pm on MTV, where it dealt with the adventures of the group of famous young people in the port of Mazatlan Sinaloa.