Chiquis Rivera has problems with her husband Lorenzo Mendez


The magazine TV Notes clarifies the difficult days facing the couple.

To those who haven’t fared at all well during this closure period is to Chiquis Rivera and Lorenzo Mendez, as the couple has had several problems since a few days, so that, through their stories of Instagram, the singer came out to give the face.

”I’m fine, as all of you I too have difficult days, days where I don’t want to do certain things, where I am angry at certain people and for things that happen especially in these of the quarantine…”

And although the daughter of Jenni Rivera does not mention that it is with her husband, Lorenzo Mendez, with whom he is angry, in recent days have revealed evidence that the couple is not going well.

First, it was the same John Angel, brother of Chiquis who, with hints on social networking left see the problems of the couple and after in a video released by the program Releases the Soup you can see how Lorenzo jumps the fence of their house to enter and another where he and Chiquis have an argument in his truck.

Finally, Chiquis said that he preferred to leave aside the problems for now and concentrate on his next single musical, which already announced on social networks, it is a song with Becky G.