collaboration: Ariana Grande and Lady Gaga, what are you plotting? | Music


Lady Gaga has become. He has done so with a look that’s totally pink, with the sound pop dance that brought her to fame and with a video clip oriented in a post apocalyptic world. We, being the Gaga extravagant that we fell in love with. Obviously we’re talking about Stupid Love, which costs us to get rid of the head.

In addition, Gaga has announced the date of the release of their sixth album estuio: the next 10 of April. Oh, that’s it within just a month! It has also confirmed the first dates of his world tour, which will pass by the united States, Europe and Canada (for the moment) and that will start the 24 of July in Paris.

Although it is all prepared for the era Chromaticathere is still the most important thing: to know the rest of the songs that will comprise this disc, and, above all, will there be any collaboration?

Well, it begins to sound very strongly the name of Ariana Grande between the fans of both artists. And some of his theories could corroborate this collaboration that would make happy to so many people. And that is, who does not want to see two of the best voices in the current pop singing together?

In LOS40, that we love to spend hours and hours on social networks researching and reading the theories of the fans, we’ve recovered some evidence that might confirm this possible collaboration and that we have already nicknamed as Lady Gagrande.

One of the users of Twitter that has been chained for this rumor is @insyncTW, who has been successful on several occasions, as on the date of departure of This Love in the participation of Max Martin. Come on, all an expert in Gaga or is dedicated to clairvoyance or has a mole in the team of the diva. Last march 3, he wrote in his account: “Yuh, yuh, Ariana Grande is in Chromatica Lady Gaga” with a music video to the big.” The tweet has more than 4,000 likes and hundreds of comments.

Another test could be the fact that Gaga began to follow Ariana on his account of Instagram. A big step considering that the interpreter Telephone only following 48 people and only two of them are pop stars (Kesha, and Rihanna).

Another detail is that everything that goes up Lady Gaga in your account on Chromatica (which is all over their wall in these moments) likes Ariana Grande and gives the sweet heart (we do not know if looking at him in the eyes).

In addition, we note that they have a close relationship. Why? A few days ago, Ariana told him a photo showing Gaga with his partner: “I adore you so much.” Will there be coincided the three recently?

The last test has to do with the youtuber and child star Abby Lee Miller. The young man said in a post on Instagram that saw Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande in a rehearsal studio in Burbank, California. We don’t know if this is only coincidence, since the influencer also says that he saw Justin Bieber. Come on, that can be the study room most visited by the stars.

Although the whole point to Lady Gaga and Ariana could have something between hands, until we don’t see we can’t confirm it. If so, it would be one of the collaborations of the season. History of current pop, don’t you think?