Compare Aitana Derbez with Kendall Jenner: the resemblance is incredible

After that Aitana Derbez, the youngest daughter of Eugenio Derbez with his wife, Alessandra Rosaldo, published a fun video TikTok with his older brother, Vadhir Derbezmany users of the popular app were quick to compare it with another celebrity.

In the video, the brothers sing a song that is somewhat inappropriate for a little girl as Aitana, so Vadhir assured that he’s going to scold you for posting it. According to what reported by the portal The Stars, the material became viral in a matter of hours and the followers of the family had a lot of fun.

The vast majority just pointed out the great resemblance that has Aitana Derbez with Kendall Jenner. Commented, “I Am or the girl looks like Kendall Jenner, “Is the clone of Kendall”, “Will be just as nice that Kendall” and several messages like.

In truth the girl yes, he looks like his brothers, which drew a large resemblance to Eugenioapparently the comedian has always been the dominant gene with the different couples that have had. Both Aislinn, José Eduardo and Vadhir have a great resemblance to his father and also inherited their talent as they all have dedicated to the show.

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