Control Your Fortune by Playing Choices: Stories You Play Mod Apk


Controlling the course of your life is not at all easy as many unforeseen circumstances pour in here and there. But you can gain control over what happens in your life virtually by playing the amazing game Choices: Stories You Play. It has got some amazing stories that you should not miss being a part of. Therefore, read this article and learn all that you need to know before playing this game.

Read more in this article about the game and about the Choices Mod, to play the game with unlimited diamonds and keys.

About the game

This is one of the most engrossing simulation game developed by Pixelberry. Here, the player can either fall in love with a character or go on for an adventure trip in any of the exciting stories present in it. He will have total control of what happens with him and can alter his course of life desirably.

Choices: Stories You Play has every element that a player searches for in a simulation game. He will be spoilt with a wide range of choices for the stories he would love to participate in. The game has the best stories revolving around romance, horror, drama, and many others that are highly addicting. According to the story the player chooses, he will be taken for a ride of his fortune.

Stories available to play at present

The freshman:

This story is based on a college drama situated in Hartfeld University. Here, the player can make some new friends and fall in life with his true soul mate. He can date James, Kaitlyn, Chris, or anyone else he wants to among the teens studying in this prestigious institution. The player will have to keep his character well-dressed always with the latest fashion trends.

The Crown & the Flame:

This story of Choices: Stories You Play will make a player feel like a brave warrior who has to regain his crown and kingdom. He has lost his kingdom to the enemies and now, he has to build his troop and fight them to snatch away what belongs to him. The player needs to make alliances for building his army, wear strong shields, and defeat the enemies like a hero.

Perfect Match:

This plot revolves around some of the wild mysteries that are nerve-wracking. The player will have to become a member of the dating service called Eros Incorporated and meet new people disguising himself. He can play the role of a girl or a guy and go for dates to solve the unforeseen twists and turns.


The player will be introduced to a vampire thriller through this story. He will have to work under the super-rich CEO named Adrian Raines who is a mystery. The player can enjoy a smoky romance with a vampire in a fantasy world. This is interesting as well as very thrilling as the love story with a sexy vampire shall be beyond normal.

High School Story:

This plot is for all those who want to relive their high school days and go back to that nostalgic phase of life. The story will unfold with the player revisiting his first day at a new school.  Here he can make new friends, have a crush on a classmate, fall in love with her, and attend the very exciting prom night. The player can revive his high school memories and do all that he missed doing in those days.

Choices MOD Features

  • Choices: Stories You Play is a simulation game that has got a large number of interesting stories to participate in
  • You will get Unlimited Diamonds and Keys with this Mod for Android and iOS
  • The stories revolve around romance, drama, mystery, horror, revenge, etc.
  • A player can customize his character just the way he wants with a large number of interesting options
  • He can romance any character in the stories, investigate criminal cases, or opt for a fantasy adventure story
  • The player can be a part of several interesting stories with many more to arrive in the coming days

How to download Choices Mod Apk for Free on Android

  1. First, download the Choices Mod apk file from
  2. Wait for the file to download and click install
  3. After the apk file is installed, you can play the game with unlimited diamonds and keys ( Just make sure you check the “Allow install from other sources” in your Android device settings)

Choices: Stories You Play is an interesting game where the player can control everything that happens with him. It is designed with high-quality graphics and sound that make everything seem close to real. The game has been loved by millions of players worldwide who have given great reviews on it.

So, hurry up and download Choices: Stories You Play MOD if you do not want to miss out on this mind-blowing game.