“Dale, gil”: the hilarious talk by telephone between Aguero and Messi who is viralizó


Kun shows his followers the chat with Lionel Messi. Spoke with The Flea in the middle of one of their many live broadcasts via the platform Twitch, where you usually play FIFA or GTA V.

When two friends are chatting on the phone, the conversation remains in this area, the privacy. But if those friends are known worldwide, and the talk goes to the view (virtual) of thousands of people, then the conditions change… “For what I wrote at 9 in the morning today?” asked

Leo Messi


Kun Aguero

in a call by


. The rosario did not know that your buddy from over ten years ago I was doing a

live streaming

, those that usually score goals, with his alter-ego virtual or guiding a bolide of Formula 1. This time, the Kun expected to enter a



Grand Theft Auto V

. “Do you at 9 in the morning? I was

doing the test

“, replied the Kun before the gaze of thousands of spectators through the platform



“But…for what I wrote, because I wrote you and after you gave me more ball,” insisted Messi, seeking to know the reason of the message. “Do you at 9 in the morning? Me?”, he asked Kun, missed by hours. “9,10 were, out there. When you go for that, to make the test (of coronavirus, a requirement of the English Premier League,” said Messi.

The video of the meeting between the Kun and The Flea

After, the Kun became a memory…”Ahhh….I wrote…I don’t know…it was to tell you good day! Is that right I grabbed the phone, saw you there,” added the striker of Manchester City, who seconds before had shown to the camera that his interlocutor was neither more nor less than the captain of the argentine. The two friends laughed in chorus.

“I was bored, in the morning, and I said…I’m going to write,” continued the Kun, who did not know the reason he had written to his friend. And never recalled it. Because, simply, just what I wanted to say hello. “How will I!”, settled the Kun. And retrucó: “¡Dale, gil! You also tardás a band to answer”, replied the Kun with Messi.

Kun Agüero and Leo Messi, cronies inside and outside the court, gathered today during a live broadcast of the striker of Manchester City, a fan of videjouegos.
Kun Agüero and Leo Messi, cronies inside and outside the court, gathered today during a live broadcast of the striker of Manchester City, a fan of videjouegos. Source: AFP

The hour and fifteen minutes of begun the in vivo platform Twitch, the Kun called Messi. He asked the spectators to make silence.

– Hey!-, attended The Flea.

-¿Qué onda, pa? Everything ok?-, asked Kun.

-Well, do you? What do you do?-, he answered Messi.

-Since you are sleeping, isn’t it? Late!-, said Aguero.

Kun told his friend who was trying to enter a server of GTA V and that he could not. He told of a streamer who tried to help: “it Is called Qzii, but I say to you Kiwi.” They both laughed heartily. “And the other, I forgot. Because there are drug lords, in this. It’s like that entrás to a neighborhood,” he told Kun to Leo.

Suddenly, a question:

– Do you know that “chetado” here in Spain to mean “tuning”?

-Chetado, pimped to the nines…No, no idea. I did not know.-, admitted Messi.

-Neither do I, but I said one of these streamers, DJ Mario-, reminded the striker of Manchester City. And he gave his friend a beat: “Now I’m going to invite me to an event out of streamers!”. “Oh, you’re getting famous!”, he answered Messi from Barcelona. They both went back to laughing heartily.

“How am I connected now? Can you talk to?”, asked Messi. When the Kun replied that yes, the Flea inquired: “is that to me, listen to me.” “Ehhh…yes, I think that you are listening,” said Kun. And he asked his viewers: “People, what are you hearing?”. All the chat he answered in the affirmative.

“I’m working, I’m focused on this wave,” she told the Kun Messi at another time. More laughter. “The other day I saw you when you were trying to put together a chair,” recalled Messi, who evoked other streaming Kun in the that was installed your chair gamer to be able to make the transmissions more comfortable. “Do you know what it took to put it together? The I put together myself, but it took me 40 minutes. I don’t know what you weigh!”.

At another point in the talk, the Kun told Messi that saw him in a video for social networks playing to the One with his kids and wife. “I saw you and you wanted to make a trap to Matthew. It Sos bad, eh!”, what chicaneó. “You don’t know what that is heated to Matthew,” replied Leo. And he added: “I see the letters and threw him on purpose. Overheats. I don’t know who left,” he asked Messi. “It is true, because you’re not heat,” said Kun, half seriously, half in jest.