Danna Paola continues the trend of Kylie Jenner and it wicks perfect for the summer


Danna Paola continues to innovate in new styles of hair, few weeks ago we saw sporting a long bob, then opted for a mane, and much longer, and now has shown a new look.

The singer wears a style identical to that of Kylie Jenner, confirming the trend of the season for the hair.

It’s just a few slivers of caramel color in the front, darker in the back of the hair, and a gradient type californian in the same tone, with which it shone more beautiful than ever.

“What beautiful Danna with his hair”, “Too beautiful”, “When I thought you couldn’t be more perfect”, “you Are divine with that look, “OMG egalitarian Kylie”, “I love your style”, “you Are the queen I love you”, “Innovation as usual”, and “I Loved your hair in two tones”, were some of the reactions to the new style of the mexican.

Kylie Jenner opted for this style noventero some weeks ago, by imposing trends for the summer, and Danna Paola has confirmed.

The actress also loves to innovate in their styles of hair, it has been long, short, highlighted brown, fuchsia, dark brown, and even black, showing that it is the queen of the styles, and not afraid to try anything because everything looks fabulous.

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