Dante Vergara, the child first chilean to present to the UN: “climate change has no borders”


“This year has been a full generation of children demanding their rights for a healthy environment. It is my pleasure and privilege to introduce you to a young and great person, someone who, despite his age, has shown an incredible commitment to the climate change. Dante Vergara of Chile, and is only 11 years old. Dante has been interested in climate change through his love for entomology, the study of insects. No one knows better than he that the small things can have a big impact. After listening to him are almost certainly going to be okay.”

Such were the words with which the british actress Millie Bobbie Brown presented to Dante Vergara, the ambassador of the COP25 and nature lover who yesterday became the first child chilean expose -and the only Latin american present – to the United Nations General assembly in New York city.

Were little more than two and a half minutes that Dante used to talk to the countries and asking them to recognize “formally” the right to a healthy environment that considers clean air, clean water, healthy food, a stable climate and a biodiversity and healthy ecosystems.

My motto, he said, “is that to protect the nature we should learn it. So I got to be a small communicator that seeks to bring the voice for the environment, participating in science activities, in educational and cultural programs, and this year in disseminating the climate action as an ambassador of the COP25″.

“Many times the environmental issues and climate change are postponed, because there are things more urgent to solve and I am concerned that many adults continue to look as well,” he said.

But in addition, he called upon the children of his generation to say something about the topic: “We’re going to inherit a world that is ever more sick. Without a healthy environment, all our rights are threatened. Climate change has no borders and affects all of us living beings in the same way, so the problem must be addressed with the commitment of all”.

Dante Vergara is youtuber and founder of Bichología.com, a web site created “for all those who enjoy nature and we are surprised every day with her.”

Check out the full presentation: