David Guetta announces a concert some distance away, to the benefit of New York


There’s always a second time! The famous DJ French, David Guetta confirmed a good and noble news through their social networks. This Saturday, may 30 will perform a second benefit concert. This time he will do it in New York with the purpose of raising funds after the pandemic by the Covid-19. Yes, the artist clarified that it is a “concert at a distance.” In addition, he stressed that this musical show is also intended to give the money to the institutions that are fighting to eradicate this virus.

It is worth remembering that last April 18, Guetta did the same, but this time it was from Miami. With this massive live presentation raised a total of $ 700,000. So it is expected that this figure will exceed to new yorkers. However, has not revealed the exact location of the event. Since it only appeared that “it will be in a place of iconic New York. This is because it is one of the cities of the united States that has been most affected by the pandemic. Moreover, he added that Facebook it will be the social network chosen to transmit the concert in all over the world.

Guetta has received more than 9 million records sold, and to this is added a total of 50 million followers on this platform. On the other hand, it became known that the show will have a duration of 90 minutes and will grace their successes in the most famous of his artistic career. The event as such, it is called “United at home” (U.s., home). In this sense, it was also known that during the transmission will be implemented tools to raise funds on Facebook; a great ally in this race anti-coronavirus.

David Guetta puts pace at Covid-19

In addition to this, Guetta also, he explained in a press release that all the profits will go aimed at several organizations. For effects, are the same donors who choose between: Feeding America, a network of food banks in the US; The Foundation of Hospitals of Paris; the UN campaign to combat this pandemic; or the Fund created by the City of New York. This particular in one of the most outstanding aspects of this call.

Now, the public will be waiting for this gigantic initiative. For the past 18 of April brought more than 12 million viewers through the social networks. In turn, it was shared around 180,000 times, racking up over 1,600,000 of reactions and comments. Other figures such as Lady Gaga, Beyoncé, Demi Lovato, Elton Jon and Justin Biener have been a part of several events to raise funds that are directed towards the infected people from several countries.