Demi Lovato returns and the Grammy awards!


After almost two years of being absent in the scenarios, Demi Lovato re-entering onto a stage. And will not be any thing, Demi returns by the big door putting voice to one of the topics that will sound at the gala of the Grammy.

The overdose he suffered in 2018 was nearly cost him the lifeafter that the artist was forced to undergo treatment. Interned in an institution that dealt with problems of dependency to certain substances, Demi has had time to recover and prove to the whole world that is a strong woman, the cfunctional capabilities of resilience has a name of its own, and it’s yours!

The song that will be this event has its history and is accompanied by a good load of dose sentimentalis the song that I was writing days before her overdose, will you be able to interpret it without the tears reach your eyes?

The start of this year looks like returning to the Demi that we were accustomed to see, but without the defectillos of before. Not only the Grammy awards will count with the presence of the singer, the Super Bowl will feature the voice of Lovato, the moment of glory that all famous search and he has touched her the two largest concentrations of public and famous at the disposal of a singer who promises to give it my all!

That girl Disney will be embellished by artists of the likes of Billie Eillish, Ariana Grande or even Rosalia during the time Grammy, and although it is expected the moment in which his voice is again heard there are also eager to see her and clear doubts about the model that returned Demi to the stage.

The take-off of Demi starts the countdown, perhaps, someone thought that not make the cut