Diana Lemos will now be called Karol G


A new experience live the exmiss Diana Lemos Lee as it managed to classify in the mega project of Medcom: I Call me.

Miss Panama earth 2018 is call Karol G within the program. I Ujum!

“I’m supercontenta that I’m ranked in the contest I Call it, really is a dream for me, really I’m too happyI know that is a new experience and I hope that I will be able to join in this new adventure,” he said through their stories of Instagram.

For those who don’t know, Diana is an opera singer. After he returned from the Philippinesafter participating in the contest Miss Earth 2018, he decided to return to his facet as a performer. It also has its musical group Incanto Music.

Diana believes that your voice is your strong inside the contest. ‘The competition is preparing us with lessons in singing, dancing and projection’, he said.

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Is a woman who has revolutionized the genre of reggaeton and have been catalogued as the warrior in the urban music. I love his music and I identify with her because she fights for what she wants and I consider myself a girl who also does not get tired to reach their objectives.