Diet Sirtfood: the culprit of the radical change of Adele


Radical change. Two words that define the new appearance of the british singer Adele. How have they made? In addition to a lot of physical work, with the diet sirtfood, famous for promising low-up to 3 kg a week.

The diet sirfood: what you need to know

This diet is not without controversy, is based on the food that is called “Sirt”, those foods which are rich in enzymes, sirtuins, or SIRS (Silent Information Regulators). These enzymes would create in our body the effect that is achieved with the fasting or the exercise, by reducing the inflammation of the stomach.

Food Sirt

The creators of this diet are two nutritionists british, Aidan Goggins and Glen Matten, fellow of the University of Surrey, they saw that in addition to help to the regeneration of our body, this diet also helped the weight loss.

The common foods on this diet and to help in this process of thinning are olive oil, red onions, parsley, strawberries, nuts, apples, capers, chocolate, black, or wine.

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? To all of the followers of The Sirtfood Diet we want to thank you for your amazing support and humbling testimonies. When the diet first came out in 2016 we were just two clinicians sharing one simple message of how plant nutrients ‘talk’ to our cells, to determine our wellness. We were in no way prepared for the level of success that followed. The Sirtfood Diet was the antithesis of “dieting”, deprivation and life-long calorie restriction. We prided ourselves on recipes crammed full of Sirtfoods that never compromised on taste. Sadly that’s all become tainted in recent media coverage of the diet with regard to the singer Adele’s weight loss, reducing it to a ‘1,000 calories-a-day diet’ in a sensationalist attempt at shaming someone who has transformed how they look for the sake of their own health and happiness. That’s just 100% wrong. To set the record: The Sirtfood Diet is not a 1,000 calories-a-day diet. It is 1,000 calories-a-day for just the first three days only, and that is an optional kick start. Days 4-7 move to 1,500 calories-a-day. Beyond this there is no element of calorie control whatsoever. It’s for precisely this reason we had so many advocates who wanted a different way of eating. World champion boxers, UFC superstars, Olympians, and international rugby and soccer players, all whom wanted to eat not for weight loss but to perform and feel their best. We’ve never had more press about the diet than now. And we’ve never had less input. The diet, our creation, you have outgrown us. There are over 70 Sirtfood books published by different authors. We continue our daily work as clinicians. When we see ill-informed coverage we have no PR team to hustle for us, but we do reach out to offer to discuss the science behind the diet and put the record straight. Alas, all too often the door is closed. And thus the ‘1,000 calories-a-day’ myth perpetuates. The Sirtfood Diet was and always will be a means to empower people in their food choices, to get a glimpse of the wonder of plant foods, and to start a journey to reap lasting health benefits. To all, we say, ‘Eat up, and Cheers to your health. Aidan & Glen . . . . #sirtfood #adele #adelediet

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The danger of the diet sirtfood

Lose 3 kg per week it can also be dangerous if not supervised by a professional. And this diet is restrictive, of course, limits the intake of calories to a thousand the first week. And the danger is in a only food, which usually include escalope of turkey with sage, capers and parsley, curry chicken and kale or sautéed shrimp with buckwheat noodles., and drinking 3 juices of vegetables, compounds of products such as kale, celery, arugula, parsley, green tea and lemon

The following four days, until the end of the week, increases the number of calories up to 1500 and combine two juices and two meals. The next phase is that of maintenance and lasts for two weeks, where you begin to notice more the weight loss, it calls to the person who wants to lose weight, that you take a juice a day and make 3 meals a day use products that encourage the creation of sirtuins.

In the third week you can eat everything.

This diet, and for that weight loss to be effective and the body does not remain as a rag, will need to be accompanied by physical exercise, and with a intake of calories to a minimumthe danger is in the blackouts and voltage dips.