Do you miss it? Selena Gomez recommended to listen to The Weeknd

The famous singer and actress, Selena Gomezlike many other celebrities, it has remained very active on their social networks. Product of the confinement mandatory that you caused the health crisis, there are many celebrities that have decided to show a little more of their lives to their fans, and in the case of the interpreter “Boyfriend“, there was an exception to the rule.

Among its various publications through your account officer Instagramdecided to share some suggestions of movies, books, series and music. All this with the purpose of recreating its more than 176 million followers in this social network. What no one expected, was that Gomez had a list of favorite songs in which the author was his ex-boyfriend The Weeknd.

Selena Gomez without grudges

It seems that Selena Gomez turned the page, and in spite of to end their relationship with the singer and musician, this has not been an impediment to enjoy their successes. Without a doubt, showed to his fans who is a fan of the work of your former spouse. It should be noted that these celebrities started to come out at the beginning of the year 2017, where they were captured after having a romantic rendezvous, a fact that cheered the entire entertainment industry.

The certification of this romance took place during the Met Gala, it should be noted that after the great event of Hollywood, there stood displayed in public. Although it appears that everything was very much alive and the love of wealth, the duration of their romance was shooting. According to the information that was learned, Gómez lasted about 10 months with the singer. This was the closing of a new chapter in love.

At present, due to the confinement mandatory, Selena Gomez has offered its help to those most affected by the coronavirus. To part of to recreate his followers, has also made donations, especially with the release of his new hit “Boyfriend”. Among the songs recommended by the celebrity of The Weeknd is “Snowchild” and “You Say” Lauren Daigle, singles that are in your playlist for cooking on Spotify.

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