Donald Trump gives a medal to the father of Angelina Jolie



Washington, USA /

The president Donald Trump he acknowledged on Thursday the winner of the Oscar Jon Voightone of his few followers openly in Hollywood, and told that he fought against the tears when he saw one of the movies of the actor.

Voight, of 80 years, is among the eight people who received the National medal of Arts and the National medal of Humanities in a ceremony at the White House, the highest State recognition for artists.

The actor won 1970 Academy Award for best actor for Coming Home, with the interpretation of a veteran paralyzed in Vietnam, to the side of Jane Fonda.

Starred Midnight Cowboy with Dustin Hoffman and also participated in Deliverance and Odessa Fileamong other successes.

Trump said that another film of Voight, The Champwas “the best blockbuster movie of all time”.

Everyone cried in that movie. I tried not to do it, Jonbut it wasn’t easy,” said the president.

Voight has been a great supporter of the republicans publicly in Hollywood, breaking ranks with most of his colleagues that for a long time have turned for the democrats.

Your daughteractress Angelina Jolie, is a fierce criticism of Trump. Not to be seen at the medal ceremony in the east room of the White House.