Emilia Clarke was very annoyed with those who have the end of his new movie in the networks


On the 5th of December, “Last Christmas” come to the cinema and argentine fans Emilia Clarke you will see your new role on the big screen. The film already premiered in the united States with a median acceptance by the press but audiences loved the film, so could not resist to have the surprise twist in its plot.

The romantic comedy is starred by Clarke and Henry Golding. Unlike the other films in the genre, Paul Feig decided to make a huge surprise to the story. Unfortunately for Clarke, the same already circulating on the networks ruining the feelings of those who still have not seen the movie.

“It’s fucking annoying. Frustrating,” Clarke said to IndieWire. “It’s more complicated than people think.” This is not the first time that the actress has had to let off some steam on the fervor surrounding a piece of media which has been separated. The controversial last season of “Game of Thrones” did much to provoke debate.

But, with this, you are a little tired of being in the center of a storm of social networks. Clarke explained: “I Am careful with the way I’m expressing this, but it’s no surprise, it is general knowledge that the state of our world at this time is scared and confused and that there are many things that are happening that are completely out of our control,” Clarke said.

“So when it comes to sign petitions to roll back the last season of a very popular tv show, or if it is about to ruin the ending of a movie of christmas, people are very capable,” he said upset with the actress who rose to fame thanks to his interpretation of Daenerys Targaryen in the hit show of HBO.