Eva Longoria wears the skirt in trend for women of stature


Eva Longoria he is a celebrity who seeks to look good always, and yes, that includes the porting looks inside and outside the home. This actress is like many of us at the time of exit to the street (when you have to do this) in these days of quarantine.

She recently came out of his home for food and was seen by the paparazzi, who did not hesitate to capture it, carrying face mask, and one of the looks more comfortable than we have seen up to now, in that test that some of the garments more beautiful not only are low costbut are on-trend. In the case of it, is a skirt from Zara.

Eva Longoria shows us how to wear the color nude in a skirt

© Arnold Jerocki

What is the skirt which has led to Eva Longoria?

The actress and philanthropist with roots in mexico has led a skirt nude pleated long midimade with polyester, fabric viscose and elastane, created by Zara. To this is added a belt that is exactly the same material, but somewhat more stiff, that she combined with a white top: a perfect set to enjoy the summer, but what is certain is that this is a piece that you can wear during the different seasons. And that in addition, it is possible to combine it with a certain outfit, with the security that you always play in your favor.

Why look better pleated skirts in women of low stature?

It is important to note that not all the pleated skirts look good in a woman of less than 1.55 cm, the secret is in the long-midiand by midi, we mean that reach mid-calf, maybe a couple of inches lower and not more, otherwise, it is likely that you will reduce the figure, as part of an unnecessary visual effect.

The pleated skirts they look best on a woman petite by the touch of femininity that they bring, plus they are extremely comfortable, since, unlike the skirts mini, it is almost impossible to make a mistake with it.

How do you combine a pleated skirt color nude?

The possibilities are endless. They include a top effortless as of Eva Longoriaor wear more relaxed, as the proposal made by the brand it belongs to this model: Zara. The signature consent of Inditex has shown to a model with the skirt nude and wearing a knitted sweater in a black color, an excellent choice for the cold days of the year, if you want, you can combine it with boots long to forget about the sensations of freezing.

The advantage of having a color and a presentation that is so versatile, it makes us think that the possibilities lack of limit: you can combine with a shirt in emerald green (which is also perfect for brunettes), a white blouse or even a knitted garment with inspiration navyyou’ll see that are a must see.

Eva Longoria has carried the perfect skirt for this and all seasons (and is from Zara)

The trends come and go, but this skirt low cost he has shown us Eva Longoria in one of her last escapes, makes us think that maybe we’re in front of a garment that goes beyond the temporality, and that we will use for a long time more.

Whether we want to admit it or not, the pleated skirt had a powerful ‘comeback’ thanks to a series: Game of Thrones. Do you remember to Daenerys Targaryen with these stunning dresses and pleated skirts? Yes, those looks the queen of the dynasty of the dragons persevered and leaked on the catwalks, until you get to global brands, which create clothing obsession that no one can resist.

This midi skirt and nude is timeless.

It is as well as Eva Longoria confirms to us that the glamour of Emilia Clarke led clothing not only has not been lost, but which has become the reference for the skirt Zara that we want to lead for a long time.

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