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More than 300 influential women in Hollywood -from Meryl Streep and Jennifer Lawrence, to Emma Thompson and Cate Blanchett – were announced on Monday an initiative to address the sexual harassment widespread at the workplace, calling the attention of other women in jobs less glamorous.

In a letter published by the New York Times, the women in the influential world of the show, urged the support and respect to the workers with humble jobs that leave them vulnerable and without a voice.

“We urge strongly to the media covering the revelations of people in Hollywood, to spend the same time bringing to light the experiences of people who work in occupations that are less valued,” said the group of women in your ad.

“For every woman employed in the occupations of agriculture, which has had to refuse the sexual desires of his boss, every housekeeper who has tried to escape invitations not appropriate, each waitress is abused by a client: we are with you. We support this “.

$ 15 million

Last month, the director of Ford Motor Company apologized to the employees of two factories in Chicago and promised change, after an exhibition biting on the part of the New york Times that included the harassment and widespread the mistreatment of women in the plants, dating back to the year 1990.

Among the specific steps announced by the campaign, ‘Time’s Up’ has sound and has established a legal defense fund that, in just 12 days, has raised $ 13.4 million to a achieve a total of $ 15 million that would be earmarked to provide legal assistance to women and men who were sexually harassed, assaulted or abused in their place of work.

Has committed to promote legislation to strengthen the laws on harassment and discrimination in the workplace.

The group insists that it should lead to more women to positions of influence and leadership, and insists that women should have the same benefits, opportunities, remuneration, and representation.

In Hollywood, the women ask for “a quick change and cash for the entertainment industry is a safe and equitable for all.”And urged all women to wear black at the Golden Globes Sunday as a statement against gender inequality and racial, and to create awareness about the group’s efforts.

‘Beloved sisters’

The letter published by the New York Times, which also appears in the Spanish version, it starts with the word “Dear sisters” in big letters and in bold, and closes with the words “in solidarity” with the signing of the names of 300 women.

Several of Weinstein’s accusers signed the open letter. They include Ashley Judd, Gwyneth Paltrow and Kate Beckinsale, as well as Salma Hayek, whose lengthy account of mistreatment by Weinstein — “my monster,” she called him — was widely circulated on social media after appearing last month in The New York Times.

Several of the accusing Weinstein, signed the letter, including Ashley Judd, Gwyneth Paltrow and Kate Beckinsale, as well as Salma Hayek, who complained that ill-treatment of Weinstein and what he described as – “my monster”.
Weinstein has denied some of the accusations against him, including those of Hayek about the pressured to be naked in a sex scene.

Other prominent women who support the campaign, ‘Time’s Up are actresses Natalie Portman, America Ferrera, Amy Schumer, Halle Berry, Julianne Moore, Keira Knightley, Nicole Kidman, Penelope Cruz, Reese Witherspoon, Scarlett Johansson, Susan Sarandon, Uma Thurman and Viola Davis; producer Shonda Rhimes, the president of Universal Pictures, Donna Langley; the feminist activist Gloria Steinem; the attorney and former chief of staff to Michelle Obama Tina Tchen and the co-president of Nike Foundation, Maria Eitel.

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