Federer surpasses Cristiano and Messi as the highest paid athlete



The swiss tennis player Roger Federer leads the annual ranking of highest paid athletes in the world, beating the soccer players Cristiano Ronaldo and Leo Messi, while the tennis player japanese Naomi Osaka has become the athlete female highest paid history, on the basis of the classic ranking of the business magazine Forbes.

In this way, the Basel premieres in the first position of the list of 100 athletes and, for the first time, a tennis player occupies the first place from the beginning of the list in 1990. Federer rises from fifth place last year thanks to the 106,3 millions of dollars earned in the last 12 months.

The pandemic of coronaviruses has led to wage cuts in the traditional number one of the list, the players. Thus, the Portuguese striker of Juventus Cristiano Ronaldo remains in second place with 105 million dollars in profits, while the player of FC Barcelona Leo Messi low from first to third place.

The ‘Top 5’ is completed by the player of the Paris Saint-Germain Neymar and basketball player for The los Angeles Lakers LeBron James, 95.5 and 88.2 million dollars respectively.

On the other hand, japan’s Naomi Osaka, with 37.4 million dollars, has become the athlete female highest paid in history, surpassing the american Serena Williams, who previously had the highest income in the world. The lucrative agreement Osaka with Nike, which paid him more than $ 10 million last year, is just one of the many agreements it has signed, including Procter & Gamble, All Nippon Airways and Nissin.

Osaka (number 29) and Williams (no. 33) are the only women listed in the ranking Forbes this year; it is the female representation highest in the list from 2016, when were the own Williams and Maria Sharapova.