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May the name of Bella Thorne does not rings a bell to many. But the 19-year-old did not stop to occupy the headlines, whether for his facet as a singer for his work as a model or dancer for revelations that become trending topic or because you remember your past as a child Disney. These are the five reasons why Bella Thorne is fast becoming a firm candidate to be the new girl of the moment.

Beginning as a model. Born Annabella Avery Thorne October 8, 1997, in Florida (united States), at six weeks of life already appeared for the first time in a magazine as a model child. In 2003 he began to have his first small roles in tv series, cinema and television ads. But it was in 2010 when he got his chance: with 13 years co-starred alongside Zendaya in the series of Disney Chanel Shake It Up, where she played CeCe Jones. Three-year-old became a girl Disney and that complicated his career. According to just declare in an interview published this week with the magazine Harper’s Bazaarthe industry took them seriously: “they Said, we don’t want to come to the castings because it’s too Disney. Literally, I had to beg for a hearing”. In the same interview, he remembers the pressure of his mother, who continually had a fear of Disney to the fire the man of the series and advised him to “not be herself”. In addition, the producer forced her to put a tone of voice more acute, to attract more audience.

Zendaya Coleman and, to the right, Bella Thorne, in frame of the series of Disney 'Shake It Up', in 2012.

Zendaya Coleman and, to the right, Bella Thorne, in frame of the series of Disney ‘Shake It Up’, in 2012. cordon press

Girl Disney to the big screen. After fighting your past, today Thorne, whose mother tongue is Spanish (his father is cuban), will release their movies with big box office like Arnold Schwarzenegger (Midnight Sun) and with Jessica Chastain, Susan Sarandon and Natalie Portman (The Death of John F. Donovan). In these moments, has 11 movies in motion. This year will also release new songs on SoundCloud, which has been done in collaboration with DJs like Prince Fox and Ghastly. After leaving the series of Disney, and the style of Miley Cyrus, in 2014, he released his first album, Call It Whatever. That same year he published a book: Autumm Falls.

Bisexuality. In August 2016, he held dozens of headlines when he decided to reveal his bisexuality on Twitter. A fan of the exestrella Disney asked for Twitter —where it has more 6.41 million followers— if he was bisexual and already replied with a simple “yes”. A revelation that was a month after that to break their relationship with the English actor Gregg Sulkin after a year of dating. In the interview with Harper’s Bazaar, Bella Thorne confesses that now she would like to have a relationship with a woman —he says he never has had— and ensures that those who will seem more “sexy” is the actress Kristen Stewart.

Popularity in social networks. Today is also considered a influencer, something that helped her 15.2 million followers that you have your account of Instagram. Yes, she is conscious of that begins to live under the scrutiny continued to the public. “One makes many mistakes when young, but when you’re famous these are harshly judged by all. When you are the person most hated of the Internet, is not fun.” And she knows what he’s talking about. A week ago, Bella Thorne posted the following tweet: “I have come to the conclusion that I am going through a depression :/ you are Not alone”. Automatically received a barrage of criticism, many accusing her of frivolizar with this disease, and the young man ended up deleting his message of the social network. “People take the social networks as something big. Believe that know you, think they know what they are talking about. They think they know your life, and make friends you just throw junk. Generate hatred. Any says something and you all jump on him,” he said last January to the magazine People. In your past, there is a child suffered from dyslexia and therefore bullying in the school —ended up studying at home— and, also, has confessed on occasion that some years ago he thought about ending his life.

Without hairs in the tongue. In any case, she is also quiet and speaks the clear. This has been demonstrated in a number of interviews, or as when he gave more importance to the confession of his homosexuality, and also on occasion in the who has faced the trolls of the social networks. An example: last December, a person wrote a tweet about the supposed extreme thinness of Bella Thorne. “As much that it is ridiculous. Just train a lot and I try to eat healthy, but that does not always work”, she replied the actress.