Flexitarian diet, to which all are being added and how it is


Every time are more people who are seeking to lead a healthier life-style is conducive to the natural. And among those options is one that receives great notoriety among celebrities and influencers for your benefits –in addition to the personal reasons– is to follow a regimen vegetarian. Being a vegetarian in a society culturally carnivorous can be difficult to lead an active social life or even want to continue to enjoy family traditions, holidays and take delight once in a while.

From the year 2014, the Oxford English Dictionary included the word flexitarian©Istock
The flexitariasmo is a diet increasingly popular plant-based and is also known as or “vegetarianism”casual

What is the diet flexitaria?

Flexitarian is the combination of flexible and vegetarian. This is the definition of a form of feeding in which it tends to consumption of fruits, vegetables, vegetables and whole grains, without abandon radically the products of animal origin. This way you take advantage of the benefits of healthy eating, such as weight loss, prevention of certain illnesses and collaborating with a better world. But is still mandatory to participate in the turkey Thanksgiving or a casual burger, or, what is worse, feeling guilty of doing so.

According to U. S. News & World Reportin its ranking of the best diets of 2019, the diet flexitaria was ranked n° 3 in the category of best overall diet, in terms of prevention of disease and health in the long term, the n° 2 in best diets for diabetes.

In the flexitarian diet the food should be distributed in the proportions in which the vegetables and fruits predominate©Istock
To ensure a sustainable future in 30 years, it is necessary to adopt three strategies at once: to reduce by half the food waste, improve agricultural practices and to adopt the flexitarianismo

How much meat should be consumed?

This aspect is very important and according to the author it is essential to learn how to distribute the content of the course: “instead of having a piece of meat was humongous as the centre of the dish, which is the traditional style american, should be only a fourth part of the dish, with another one-fourth full of whole grains and then the remaining 50% of vegetables”.

Recognized celebs have openly embraced this type of practice, for example, in the year 2009, the singer-songwriter Paul McCartney implanted in her family Meat Free Monday driving at the media level this practice. Have also supported the movement, actresses such as Gwyneth Paltrow , Cameron Diaz and the well-known british chef Jamie Oliver.

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How to follow a plan flexitariano

It is not only easy to follow, but it also has different plans according to the level of commitment of each person. Taking into account that in the week there are 213 meals, Blatner recommends three levels to follow the diet:

Beginner: Just eat 7 meals without meat a week, no more than 26 ounces of meat in total. Then “means that, if you need to eat bacon or ham in the breakfast, make a lunch or dinner without meat that day.”