George Floyd and the threat of a Trump – let’s dialogue


Racism is not getting worse, it’s just that now you are recording, said some years ago actor Will Smith, which I could summarize in a sentence what happened with George Floyd on Monday, may 25 in Minneapolis, to the northwest of the united States. Darnella Frazier, who was passing in the street, as stated by BBC, took out his mobile whilst attending with horror to a scene in which Floyd, handcuffed and unarmed, was left unconscious under the pressure of the knee of a police officer that he had been detained. The images went around the world in a matter of minutes. The outrage appeared, in a matter of minutes.

In the 10-minute video recorded with the mobile Darnella Frazier, Derek Chauvin, the officer who freezes to Floyd, it makes a deaf ear to the pleas of the detainee. His partner on patrol, observes unmoved. After pleading for his life several times and scream that I couldn’t breathe –I cant breathe (I can not breathe)-, Floyd was inert in the soil to be carried inert in an ambulance.

With the release of the video, that in a short time racked up over a million views, hundreds of people came out to protest, peacefully and keeping the social distance to prevent the infection of the coronavirus, including banners with phrases such as I can not breathe and It could have been me.

On Thursday, the protests were more radical, when protesters entered a police station in Minneapolis, not far from where he died Floyd. The inexplicable, the reaction was incendiary Trump, who criticized the mayor of Minneapolis, Jacob Frey, for his management in the crisis by accusing him of being part of the radical left.

“These thugs are dishonored the memory of George Floyd, and I’m not going to let this happen. I have just spoken with governor Tim Walz and I told him that the military are with him until the end -wrote Trump on his Twitter account-. Any difficulty and we will be taking control, but, when the looting begin, the shots also empecerán. !Thanks”

A reaction regrettable in a country where black people are almost three times more likely to kill a police officer than white, according to a research of the NGO Mapping Police Violence. A story repeated too often in the united States: Trayvon Martin, February 26, 2012; Eric Garner, July 17, 2014; Michael Brown, August 9, 2014; Walter Scott, April 4, 2015; Freddie Gray, April 12, 2015; Sandra Bland, July 13, 2015; Philando Castile, 6 July 2016…

Racism is not getting worse, it’s just that now you are recording, ” said Will Smith. And by the frequency of the complaints, after 2012, seems to have a reason. The demonstrations of Thursday, returned to the neighborhood of Minneapolis where the nightlife ranged from the angry protests and the street party. At a given time, according to BBC, a band played in a parking lot, in front of the focus of the protests, a version punk the song of Bob Marley, Redemption Song.