George Floyd: who was the african american who died in police custody in Minneapolis (and what is known of the agent involved in the incident)


George Floyd, of 46 years, he was the father of a girl of 6 years

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George Floyd, of 46 years, he was the father of a girl of 6 years

“Racism is not getting worse, is only now being recorded”.

With these words the actor african-american Will Smith explained some years ago how the cameras of the phones were allowing record the police violence against african americans in the united States.

  • The wave of protests over the death of the african-american George Floyd at the hands of the police is extended by US

It is not that the problem occur more often, came to say the actor, is that before it was not visible.

Last Monday she passed and for the third consecutive night the city of Minneapolis, in the northwest of the united States, it has become fill of protests and violent clashes with the police by the death of George Floyd, an african-american 46-year-old.

  • George Floyd: the outrage in the U.S. for the death of an african-american after he was arrested by the police in Minneapolis

What happened?

Darnella Frazier who was passing by the street, took out his mobile whilst attending with horror to a scene in which Floyd, handcuffed and disarmed, was left unconscious under the pressure of the knee of a police officer that he had been detained.

Apparently Floyd, a former security guard, was trying to pay in a store with a fake banknote of 20 dollars.

After pleading for his life several times and scream that I couldn’t breathe, Floyd was inert on the floor and he died very shortly after.

Good companion

“He was a man God fearingregardless of what he had done,” said his sister Bridgett Floyd to local media.

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The official target of 44 years which keeps Floyd in the video has been identified as Derek Chauvin

“We all have our flaws. We all make mistakes. No one is perfect”, he added.

“It is cruel how he died”, he told the Houston Chronicle, the mother of his 6 year old daughter, Roxie Washington.

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“You have stolen my daughter,” he said.

George Floyd, a native of the city of Houston, was dedicated in his native city at the basketball and football.

Also made a name in the local scene of hip-hop, where it was more or less known.

But when he moved to Minneapolis started a new life with a job as a security guard of the restaurant, the Latin-american Conga Latin Bistro, in the center of the city.

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The Wednesday protests by the death of George Floyd became radicalized.

Strong, but “superdulce”

His companions called him right away, “Big Floyd”.

“It was tall and muscular“said his companion in the local Vernon Sawyerr.

“It was just super friendly. When you see someone of that size may seem imposing, but it was superdulce”.

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In fact, in 2017 and early 2018, Floyd had also made a security guard at the shelter for the homeless Harbour Light Salvation Army in Minneapolis.

“How tragic and sad this all is,” said Brian Molohon, executive director of the charitable organization.

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The police used tear gas.

Helped in your community

“You need to be a special kind of person to work in an emergency shelter. It is really hard to see the anguish all the days,” said Molohon.

“I have No doubt that George, like many other shelter workers in our community, had a heart that cared about the people and our community”.

The ex-NBA star Stephen Jackson showed up on Instagram saddened by the loss of what for him was a brother.

Both were very close friends and used it as a nickname with the word “Twin” (twin).

“Angers Me so much that after all the things you spent and that you comportaste as best as possible, you pulled out as well,” reads his account.

The slogan “I Cannot breathe”

In the 10-minute video, Derek Chauvin, the white officer of 44 years who freezes to Floyd, makes deaf to own arrested, but also to the passers-by that what increpan for its extreme violence.

His partner on patrol, the burly Tou Thao, observes impassive and trying to block out the vision to those who pass by on the street.

The two officers have been dismissed from your job.

Darnella Frazier decided to upload the video to social networks and the streets burning of an outrage that already covers the entire united States.

The images accumulated 1.2 million views.

“I cant breathe” (can’t breathe) the words that kept repeating Floyd during the incident, is multiplied in different banners and t-shirts at the protests of Minneapolis as a motto of the police violence suffered by the african americans in the united States.

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There were several fires during the night of protests.

The agent Chauvin

But it is not the first time that Derek Chauvin were involved in violent incidents in his career as a police officer.

The records of the department, cited by the journal Star Tribune, show that he has been involved in several shootings.

  • Ted Thornhill, the american professor who teaches that only white people can be racist (and teaches his classes with a police escort)

In 2006, he was one of the six official fired their weapons in the death of Wayne Reyeswho , according to police, pointed a shotgun at officers after stabbing two people.

Chauvin also wounded a man two years later, in 2008, in a fight after which Chauvin and his partner responded to the report of an assault domestic.

Eric Garner

The incident recalls the case of Eric Garner, a black man who died while being arrested in 2014 in New York city.

The phrase “I can not breathe”, repeated up to 11 times by Garner before he died, became a rallying cry for activists protesting police brutality against african-americans.

Garner, an unarmed black man of 43 years old, was arrested by the police on suspicion of illegally selling cigarettes.

He died after an officer of police will apply a key bottleneck.

A medical examiner of the city ruled that the choke contributed to the death of Garner.

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