Gonzalo Higuain: the penalty in the final of Brazil 2014, the temptation of playing in “the River of Gallardo,” and the decision of Passarella that changed his career


A key move in the final of Brazil 2014, with the knee of Manuel Neuer on Gonzalo Higuain

Six years later,

Gonzalo Higuain

may not be removed from the head the play key of the end of the

World Cup Brazil 2014,


the selection argentina

fell against Germany

1-0. One of those moments was the clash with the goalkeeper Manuel Neuer in the area of the european set, to 10 minutes of the second stage, with the close match with no goals. “The deal with Neuer is criminal. I disabled them with the knee,” recalled the striker, in an interview that offered this Friday at TyC Sports.

By then, the VAR does not exist and the judge claimed infringement of the front. “I was feeling suspicious, because the referee ends up charging for them,” he said, before the consultation from the study on the unlikely of the determination of the Italian Nicola Rizzoli.

Is in Turin (Italy), after spending a large part of the quarantine in Argentina. And there is a rival of

Lautaro Martinez,

today in Inter-and in the sights of Barcelona.

“It has everything to be the 9 of the selection.

Is making his career in the ascending line. It depends on being convinced of it himself. You have left many, many years of career and they are going to get sticks, sure, because not everything is color rose, but there will have to be strong. The bad moments come in the football.

What of the offer of Barcelona is a very compromising situation. I would not want to be in their shoes,

it is very difficult to say no,” he said.

Higuain was formed in the River. “I gave everything. Made Me grow,” says Gonzalo. “But today,” he said, “my head’s in Juventus, I don’t know what’s going to happen later.” So soon, it holds that

The River of Gallardo infects you, it has hierarchy and forcefulness.

I look at this River and I say ‘cute’.

Think back to retire. Any player would like to be in the River de Gallardo”.

On the other hand, Higuain recalled when he started at the bottom of the club.

“I started playing 8, but when I saw that I had to do the whole band up and down, I told myself that I didn’t know if it was going to be good that.

After, I went down and when I got to the reserve, as was my brother spent in front. I liked a lot.”

And revealed a chat with Daniel Pasarella, the coach at that time. “I said that I was going to play 9 and I told her that all life had played hitch,

I liked to be in contact with the ball and make the team play.

I said that it was the same, but a little later and that she would do the cutest thing for a player, which is to score goals,” he said. “Put Me with Banfield, got a goal and I did not go out more”, he added.

“If you told me as a kid if I wanted to make a 10% of the race that I did, it was in any side.

Play three World cups, the America’s Cup, the clubs I went…”, he completed.