Halle Berry and her controversial photo on instagram


Halle Berry without a doubt is one of the most loved actresses of Hollywood, not only for his talent, but because of that incredible personality that only she possesses and Instagram checks and manifest from the moment that adds up to 5.5 million followers.

Last Wednesday, August 14, Halle turned 53 years old and to celebrate, he wanted to challenge the censorship of Instagram and posing without a bra, with a wet t-shirt and marking of the nipples. A movement free nipple total, which we love.

But the actress Monster”s Ball wanted to go a step further and in the t-shirt that looks like it carries a funny message as “The club with no fasteners”, and in just one day has exceeded half a million I like. And we are not surprised, Halle comes out awesome!

Alongside the photo, she has written the following comment: “Level up from the 66”. Of course, the actress has received a lot of congratulations among your comments.

The last thing that has made Halle Berry has been “the third installment“John Wick, where he gives life to Keith T Powers, and where it shares scene with Keanu Reeves. In addition, in 2020 we will see in the film Bruised.