Halsey launches ‘Graveyard’ and reveals the release date for his new album


Halsey finally announced the release date for your new studio album, sharing the good news along with the release of his single ‘Graveyard’.

The interpreter ‘Nightmare’ he took his fans by surprise on the night of September 12, when he announced that his followers could watch a video or play a song unreleased when you enter the website manicthealbum.com at 01:17pm PST (half an hour after the post).

It was as well as your audience could listen to the exclusive track ‘Graveyard’, which will be part of your next LP “Manic”, which was described by Halsey as a sample of “hip-hop, rock, country, fucked up everything, because it is very manic”.

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It is literally, like, whatever, that gave me the urge to do; there was no reason for that not able to do this

This will be the third installment of study of Halsey after his debut “Badlands” in 2015 and “Hopeless Fountain Kingdom” of 2017.

“Manic” will be available in stores and streaming platforms from the January 17, 2020.