Halsey meditates about the relationship that he had with G-Eazy


Ashley Nicolette Frangipane, better known in the artistic world as Halsey, told in an interview to Cosmopolitan how was your rupture with the rapper G-EAZY.

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The interpreter “Without me” he told about how it was exactly the moment in which she fell on account of his relationship with Gerald EarlI had finished.

She was in the television program, Good Morning AmericaI had a wig blonde, and a suit of patent leather, white; he was giving rounds while I was going through a difficult time: his separation. Suddenly the singer looked down and saw two girls, one with pink hair and the other with a blue tone and believed that they were moving forward and that also would do the same.

She stared at them and looked at her fabulous outfit, and knew that she and all his fans deserved a Halsey better than the one they were watching.

After that, Halsey revealed why now his life is more private, she said the following:

I shared a lot about me, assuming that the world would be nice. And this has not been the case.

Halsey and G-EAZY they separated in July 2018, after a year of relationship. The couple reconciled after the MTV VMAs that same year, but it was not enough, and in October of 2018, are separated definitely.

An experience that the singer has decided to take as a learning experience.

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