How to Cara Delevingne went from being a model to successful entrepreneur | People and Celebrity


Although four years ago that Cara Delevingne was fired from the catwalks, just named the model best paid in the Uk after raising more than 23 million euros in 2018. Delevingne, 27-year-old has achieved more than double the salary of their rivals closest to us, such as Kate Moss, 45, who has pocketed about 10 million; or exángel Victoria’s Secret, Rosie Huntingon-Whiteley, of 32 years, which has taken almost nine million.

In 2015, Delevingne announced that he is leaving in march to go into another of his great passions: the interpretation. Devoid of training or prior experience, the actress has managed to amass a good bunch of motion picture titles, from his discreet debut seven years ago in the tape Anna Karenina going by the over-production Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets (2017). A total of 10 films, however, have hardly succeeded at the box office and the critics have not been all good with his protagonist. But the interpreter does not cease in its efforts to continue to be a gap in the industry and, as if of a real protected of Hollywood tragedy, now he’s going to try his luck on the small screen with Carnival Rowthe new series of Amazon Prime Video starring alongside Orlando Bloom.

The brazenness and ease which always has boasted on the catwalk —don’t forget who came to the Gala at the Met in 2017 with a shaved head and painted silver— it has been their identity and key to its success also outside of it. With more than 43 million followers on Instagram, Delevingne is an example to follow among the young. Has admitted that he suffered depression child due to the family situation that forced her to leave the school —his mother was addicted to heroin— has become an icon of the so-called gender-fluid, a term that refers to people who do not identify with a single sexual identity and who are attracted sexually by people regardless of their sex. He is currently a benchmark for the collective LGBTI.

Last June was honored for her commitment to ending suicide among young LGBTI and was widely applauded during his speech, by the words that he dedicated to his partner, Ashley Benson, actress of the series Pretty Little Liars. “I have another very special woman in this room to thank for everything, and you know who you are,” he said, addressing Benson. “She is one of the people who help me to love myself when I need it. She showed me what is real love and how to accept it. I love you, Sprinkles” ended Delevingne his speech by mentioning the interpreter by his nickname.

An security in itself that becomes to be remarkable with the success of their business. Beyond their recent and sporadic climbs to the catwalks, his advertising work as a model, his projects in cinema and tv and its ephemeral tonteo with the literature —published a novel in 2017, Mirror, Mirror— has been her company Cara&Co what more benefits it has reported. According to published british media as Daily Mail or The Sunin the past 12 months, has earned more than 60,000 euros per day through his company. In addition, the multi-talented Cara Delevingne also earn money through the business of his father, Harvey White Properties Ltd, mainly devoted to the sale and rental of real estate, where it forms part of the steering committee, along with his sister, Chloe, who joined only a few months ago.