It become the daily prizes of 1,500 euros to Go Already! | Walks already


Although the return to normality will need to be done gradually, but it will arrive, in Walks Since we want the great time we’re ready and prepared, with extra money for those unexpected expenses and the expected leis, even if they have to be different.

As many of you know, we like that the andayeros to enjoy and are thrilled with our awards, so there’s no better time than now to revisit one of our competition favorite, again our famous ‘Pasta’. A few small minutes, in which we distribute daily to 1,500 euros.

Who gives us this opportunity to win a chunk for our pretty face? It’s really simple, Camilo, colombian artist of the moment we accompany you all the days Walks with his song ‘Favorite’ to give away a lot of joy and money.

The composer and singer, it may not be going for a better time, personal and professionalafter your romantic wedding with Evaluna, your partner from five years ago, and the success of their recent work.

For if some have not followed the track, will have plenty to say among his list of hits is the song ‘Tutu’ dedicated to your partner, along with Peter Hood, or by composing great songs, as Without Pajamas, for other singers like Becky G and Natti Natasha.

Well, thanks to the singer of ‘Favorite’, in the morning, the computer Anda Already chosen at random, and with the help of a bombor the initial letter of the name you will be eligible to win the prize. That is to say, if you leave the ‘M’, all the names that start well will be potential winners of € 1,500. If you have any questions, this video will solve… Don’t forget to put the sound on!

This letter is to announce the program, so that the andayeros must be very careful not to lose the opportunity. In the moment that begins our section, ‘Pasta, about 9 in the morning, for the more clueless, the first listener of age who call the 902 39 40 40, between the antenna and meet the requirements listed will be awarded.

So andayeros, I hope to that we say your name live and you can enjoy extra money that never comes from nothing evil. In addition, if you have any questions, we leave the foundation and all mechanical for that you can consult at any time.

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