It is as well as Sophie Turner, and Joe Jonas spend a romantic quarantine


Due to the pandemic coronavirusmillions of people in the world are in quarantine and isolated socially to prevent the infection, why Joe Jonas shared TikTok as he and Sophie Turner have done it all.

Fans of the couple were delighted with your video, where it was presumed the result of your hard work by “build” Hogwartss and you mentioned the need for more positive content in networks before the crisis.

While Joe Jonas it entertains thanks to TikTok, Sophie Turner go to their stories Instagram to answer questions of friends and admirers as a way to fight the boredom the whole day at home.

But that’s not all, because Sophie recently revealed that her husband made the kitchen during this time of isolation: “One of the many benefits of marrying a good guy Italian,” he said Turner, 24 years of age, on a photo of Joe (30), holding a huge bowl of farfalle.