It is really scary for many players


Serena Williams is surely the player more experienced in these moments in the circuit of the WTA, the champion of 23 Grand Slams and with two decades competing at the highest level, the younger of the Williams sisters has been known to struggle with different and complicated situations, which have become an experienced athlete, although this new situation with the pandemic coronavirus is new to us all.

Turned into a legend active in the game, but also a mother and a business woman, Serena Williams has remained active since house in the quarantine zone, taking advantage of the time, so you see it in social networks or in the media has not been common.

Despite this, Williams recently spoke to through the digital platforms with Aryh Bourkoff, financial expert, banker, founder and CEO, LionTree LLC.

Serena Williams worried by the situation faced by their colleagues.

Serena can be comfortable financially, have won large sums throughout his career, and has been working hard off the court, in addition to promoting the rights of women and of african americans.

The younger of the Williams knows that the suspension of the professional circuit until August has brought harsh consequences for all those who live week after week of tennis, so it showed proecupada by the way they live their colleagues currently.

“It’s really scary for many players. I have a lot of concern, like around the world, and the sport has been really affected. We have people here in our sport that lives to play tennis.

Therefore, we do not currently have an income because they are not competing,” admits the former world number one. “I’ve been playing for more than two decades. So I’m in a different position, but if you are just getting started, it is not a great place to be.

There are many things that generate a lot of questions about what will happen, if this could happen again and that the players are prepared for it. Then you have to ask yourself, how can you improve the things in the day-to-day players, who are the real product of the tennis?”, analyzed the champion american.

Serena Williams shows once again worried by the experiences of his discipline, affected in large measure by being a global sport, a pandemic that crippled the shares until the eighth month of the calendar, depending on what happens on the planet.

The Fund for Assistance to the Players has started to work, with voices for and against, giving relief to those players who may not generate any income in these moments. How can you help players like Serena Williams in the situation the professional tennis?