It is scary what you are going through many players


Also in the WTA, there are concerns about the way in which are going through the pandemic the players away from the first places in the ranking. The legend, Serena Williams was concerned by the current situation of several of his colleagues and lamented the lack of support by the governing bodies of professional tennis in these moments so complicated.

The former world number one noted that it is “really scary for many players. I have a lot of concern, like around the world, and the sport has been really affected. We have people here in our sport that lives to play tennis.

Therefore, we do not currently have an income because they are not competing” “I’ve been playing for more than two decades. So I’m in a different position, but if you are just getting started, it is not a great place to be.

There are many things that generate a lot of questions about what will happen, if this could happen again and that the players are prepared for it. Then you have to ask yourself, how can you improve the things in the day-to-day players, who are the real product of the tennis?”, he added the american in a statement reiterated by ‘Point Break’

UNDER THE RADAR Of time on the WTA tour have not been released support for their representatives out of the ‘top-100’, unlike the proposal, put forward by Novak Djokovic in the ATP. It is clear that the younger of the Williams is the strong card of the tennis girls, so that their statements have an added value in the circuit.

It is still unknown the date on which you will be able to return to compete in tournaments, and although they are scheduled for the coming month of August, remains a mystery after being in a hiatus that has gone on to grow in different opportunities. What do you think the stance taken by the WTA?